Goodbye Hotmail: Email Service Shutting Down, Outlook Takes Over

If you’re like me, you probably have multiple email accounts: One that you use at work, one that’s your primary personal account, and a few that you rarely check anymore, if you even remember the log-in info.

For me, one of those still-active-but-no-longer-in-use accounts is a Hotmail address I created in college. I rarely thought of that account until a few weeks ago when I found the email service would be shutting down forever.

Of course I rushed to see if there were any old emails worth saving and backing up. There were, and I dutifully forwarded them to my current account. Turns out, I didn’t need to spend the effort.

Microsoft has moved the over 300 million still active accounts to Which means it’s time to say goodbye to Hotmail. But don’t worry about changing your email address or updating any app settings, as all that remains the same, just on a different platform.

The new service has been revamped to look more organized, clean, and intuitive, as seen on Microsoft’s blog. Check out the before-and-after views below and click here to learn more about the switch.