Google Invests in Anti-Shake Spoon That Gives Hope to Parkinson’s Sufferers

Continuing its venture into the health-technology industry, Google has invested in the LiftLab—a design company that has invented a specialized anti-shake spoon called Liftware. The spoon detects the hand tremor of its user and compensates—much like the Steadicam technology used by filmmakers to smoothly capture footage without shakes and tilt. This technology is revolutionary in the field of health, because of the implications for those who live with severe hand tremors.

People who suffer from this issue include those with Parkinson’s Disease. As the condition worsens, these patients can often find it impossible to eat or complete manual tasks without assistance. The spoon’s Liftware system has the potential to give back independence to these patients, and allow them to live a life free of those limitations.

The Liftware technology would allow the patient’s hand to shake while it stabilizes the food in the spoon—preventing spills. Special detection settings make it so that the spoon can discern between typical eating motions and the tremor, and adjusts accordingly.

This is a huge step, as it circumvents the discomfort of the patient being forced into a brace that limits the hand’s range of motion.

The creators from the San Francisco-based LiftLabs says that it will put dignity and enjoyment back into mealtimes.

Watch the video above to see how it all works.