Why Google is Breaking Your Grandparents’ Hearts

You know what you should do right now? Call your grandparents and ask them a simple “how-to” question. It will make them feel better.

Let us explain: A recent survey looked into the traditional relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren and found the older generation feels its role is becoming irrelevant and less important in modern family life.

Out of the 1,500 grandparents surveyed, fewer than one in four said they’ve been reached out to for advice on basic domestic chores such as washing clothes or sewing a button. A staggering 96 percent said they asked their own grandparents for much more advice when they were young.

So how are young people learning about these things instead?

Susan Fermor, of cleaning specialist Dr Beckmann, who commissioned the research, says “Grandparents believe they are being sidelined by Google, YouTube, Wikipedia and the huge resource of advice available on the internet. They are aware that their grandchildren – already with their noses buried in a laptop, tablet computer or smartphone – find it much easier to search the internet for instant advice.”

Yet another example of how the internet destroys relationships — and this time it’s the one you have with sweet old nana and gramps!

Okay, we’ve had enough of the guilt trip. We’re calling our grandpa now to ask him how to pickle mushrooms.

Feature Image by compassionatefriendsnyc.org