Goose Has His Waddle Back Thanks to 3D Prosthetic Leg

Ozzie is a normal healthy goose who lives in Johannesburg, South Africa. However, there is something unique about Ozzie. Shortly after he hatched, his leg broke and had to be amputated. Since then he has been struggling to live a happy life with just one leg, so his owner Sue Burger, decided to find a solution for little Ozzie’s problem.

She went on a South African radio station and spoke to the listeners about her bird. It was then that three companies decided to team up to help Ozzie. 3D Printing Systems, BunnyCorp and Centre for Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing began to design a 3D prosthetic leg for the goose.

After many fittings, several designs, and even some physical therapy sessions, Ozzie is on his way to walking with two legs. BunnyCorp has been documenting Ozzie’s journey on their blog, and while they admit it has been an adjustment, this goose is already living a happier more active life.

“Ozzie has so far spend some time practicing walking on his test legs and getting used to the idea of walking again,” the site states. “His overall mood has improved and he seems to be a happier goose all together, he is even swimming more than he used too!”