Dramatic Childbirth Captured on GoPro as Baby Arrives Early

We’ve seen some pretty extreme videos caught on GoPro cameras, but never have we seen anything like this before.

The early arrival of a couple’s baby was captured in full as a panicked couple raced against the clock to get the woman in labor to the hospital in time. Although the dad was sure they would make it to the delivery room, he had the good sense to mount a GoPro on his head from the very beginning. And it’s lucky he did because the baby had no plans to wait and made his grand arrival on his own time.

Troy and Kristin Dickerson welcomed their son, Truett, at the valet parking lot of the hospital with no one but a very freaked out valet person around. Of course the nurses and doctors came rushing out as soon as they could, but the big moment had already happened – and it was all recorded on the GoPro.

Check it the newsclip above for more on the story and the original video below.