GoPro Hero 4 Review: The Latest in Action Camera Technology

A combination of features and new technology makes the newest edition of GoPro cameras the go-to device for capturing memorable moments when you are skiing down the slopes, cruising on your motorcycle or deep sea diving in the ocean. With noticeable improvements, the upgraded features make the GoPro Hero 4 the must-have camera for action and adventure. The following GoPro Hero 4 review explains why it’s a leader in cutting-edge camera technology:


The recent version of the GoPro Hero boasts even better capabilities in the sound department. With double the capability of its predecessor, you can capture sound with a greater intensity.

4K Video Recording

The previous version of the GoPro Hero could not capture 4K video. In this version, the GoPro Hero 4 is double the frame rate of any of its competitors, which gives it a great advantage over all similar cameras. CNet Magazine cited the 4K recording feature as one of the biggest and handiest upgrades. This is an upgrade that will take your shots to the next level.

Slow Motion Recording

To record in slow motion, your camera needs to be equipped with high frame rate video recording. For recordings that require 1080p frame video rate, only the GoPro Hero 4 will offer this feature. Previous versions limited their rate to 720p, which might result in a choppy slow-motion recording, but according to reviews on Apple Insider, the problem is resolved with this upgrade.

Improved Camera Control

The GoPro Hero 4 possess a new button that will allow you to access and change camera settings quickly. Gizmag reports that the dedicated button will prevent you from searching your camera to find the right place to navigate this function.


In this newest version, SuperView will create the most advanced wide-angle perspective to allow you to record not only the action but also the surroundings that accompany the view. It is great for capturing all of the elements of your experience.

LCD Touchfinder

With the new built-in touchscreen, changing settings becomes a breeze. Wired reports that this added feature elevates the general ease in which you can navigate functions of several different environment settings. Switching from night to landscape to portrait settings doesn’t require more than the pause, allowing your transitions to feel more seamless.


The GoPro Hero 4 sports a new battery design. In former models, changing out the battery was inconvenient. In the newest model, CNet magazine cites that photographers can now drop the battery into the bottom of the canister instead of sliding it onto the back. In those action moments, there isn’t time to fumble around to figure out how to maneuver the battery, so ease is an important upgrade in the GoPro Hero 4. To ensure you always capture the best shot, be sure to have a battery charger on-hand. The online retailer BikeBandit offers a wide variety of GoPro accessories including GoPro Hero 4 dual battery chargers.

Wireless Connectivity

Wi-Fi is present in previous versions of GoPro cameras, but the GoPro Hero 4 is the only camera that is equipped with Bluetooth. This added feature allows users to connect and reconnect a little easier and also update the camera’s firmware (the operating system of the camera) automatically.

About the Author: Rudri Patel is a former lawyer turned writer and editor, wife, mother and observer. Written for Brain, Child; Huffington Post; First Day Press; and Mamalode. Seeking grace in the ordinary.