You Won’t Believe What the Government Spends $35 Million a Year On

Government-funded contraception is the subject of a lot of debate in politics these days, as a key part of Obamacare’s  plan for government spending by year.

As divided as the partisan politics in America are, it’s comforting to know that there are some issues that we can all agree on, a lesson the Daily Show managed to teach us all in a hilarious piece of investigative journalism.

Correspondent Samantha Bee was interviewing Ilyse Hogue, the president of a group advocating women’s reproductive rights, when she mentioned a telling bit of information: that the US government has spent $172 million taxpayer dollars on penis pumps in the last five years.

The revolutionary devices are used to treat erectile dysfunction, a crippling disease plaguing our nation’s elderly men.

Seriously though, this stunning tidbit of insight gives us some perspective on how backwards government spending and partisan politics can be. When keeping old men in working condition is valued over the danger of spreading STDs and teen pregnancy, you have to wonder exactly how the government operates. There must be at least a few screws loose.

Then again, as Bee notes, we can’t just abandon these hard-working American penises at the end of their run. After all, some of them belong to veterans.

It’s a thought provoking piece, but it also has Bee getting a penis pump stuck on her face. Here’s hoping it wins a Pulitzer.