Grand Central Terminal Photos – Iconic Station Turns 100

One of America’s National Historical Landmarks, Manhattan’s Grand Central Terminal, celebrates its 100th birthday today!

A century ago, rail travel was at its peak in the U.S., and New York City built the immense Grand Central Terminal to accommodate the growth. Constructed over 10 years, progressively replacing its predecessor named Grand Central Station, the Grand Central Terminal building officially opened on February 2, 1913. The terminal and the surrounding neighborhood thrived — by 1947, 65 million people a year were traveling through the building.

According to The Daily Beast, today 750,000 visitors pass through it daily.

With its Tiffany glass-covered clock that has four faces made of opal, and is estimated at a value of $10-20 million, plus a structure decked out with shimmering chandeliers and gleaming marble staircases, commuters are treated to a visual treat on a daily basis. It also currently boasts 50 shops, 20 casual eateries, and five restaurants and cocktail lounges, making it as much a shopping center as it is a transit station. Which also means more angry commuters merging around tourists posing for pictures with the incredible architecture.

To commemorate the centennial on Friday, shops and eateries will price their goods as if it were 1913. That means they will be charging 19 cents per shrimp, 6-cents per loaf of rye bread, and 10-cents per shoeshine (better leave a nice tip).

Grand Central is one of the most famous landmarks around, but it has also seen its own share of famous faces over the years, ranging from athletes to high-profile politicians to celebrities, and has even been a shooting spot for plenty of movies.

Check out these Grand Central Terminal photos that we put together in the slideshow above.

Happy Birthday Grand Central, we love you!