Grandma Accidentally Grows 5-Foot-Tall Pot Plant, Gets the Cops Called on Her

One gardening grandmother got the shock of her life when she discovered that the 5-foot-tall weed in her garden was cannabis.

Patricia Hewitson, 65, emailed photos of the plant to one of her favorite gardening shows on TV, The Potting Shed. The hosts of the show revealed the true identity of the mysterious garden invader, and informed Hewitson that since the plant is illegal they had to forward the image to police.

Hewitson was assured that she was not in any trouble, but that police would be contacting her regarding the appropriate ways to rid herself of the giant weed, ITV reported. She said it put her mind at ease to know she wouldn’t be prosecuted.

She first noticed the cannabis when it was around the size of a petunia plant, but now it is as tall as Hewitson. She said as it got bigger she became worried and contacted The Potting Shed.

Hewitson said:

“The plant has been in full view of passers-by but no-one has asked me to sell them any.

When I lived in South Africa one of my patients was a Rastafarian and he used to grow the stuff. But I never expected to find them growing in dear old Devon.”

She will destroy the plant, per recommendation from the police.