Grandma Fights Off Three Armed Teens Trying to Steal Her Car

An elderly woman who fought off three armed teens trying to steal her van in Indianapolis wound up with broken bones, bleeding in her brain and one eye swollen shut.

Kay Kise, 67, was approached by one of the teens while she was outside her home. The teen asked her for directions.

“He come up to my car and he said, ‘Do you know where Hendricks Place is?'” Kise told local TV station WTHR. “I told him it was just two blocks over and continued grabbing my shopping bags. The next thing you know, I turned back around and he had this gun right in my face.”

Kise, apparently unfazed by being held at gunpoint, smacked the gun away from her attackers.

“You are not taking my car,” she reportedly said. “I have not had it that long and you are not getting it.”

Two more teens came up shortly after, and a struggle ensued. Kise, who does not remember getting hit, suffered several blows to the face and head. She screamed several times for help, catching the attention of her nearby 13-year-old neighbor Shantel Johnson.

“So I went down to see what was wrong, and her face was bleeding and it was swollen,” Johnson said. “So I ran back upstairs and I was like, ‘Mom, Mrs. Kay is hurt! Mrs Kay is hurt!'”

The Johnsons called 911, but the three teens had fled long before police arrived.