Watch: Hilarity, Violence Ensue When Grandparents Play Grand Theft Auto

We never get tired of those “Kids React” videos—where kids and teens give their opinions on everything from music videos to 80’s fashion—but the latest video that has us in stitches features an older set of subjects. The React channel on YouTube got a bunch of older folks together and set them loose in the world of Grand Theft Auto V.

Their reactions as they play through are hilarious. It takes some time for them to figure out the controls, but once they got the hang of it, things quickly go from law-abiding to gratuitous violence.

While all of the participants chose fairly tame activities at first—following real-world traffic laws, stopping at the red lights—things start getting comical when they realize it’s possible to steal cars, beat up passersby and run over pedestrians.

Of course, at first they’re a little skeptical about the profanity and violence, and take part in it with cautious restraint. Once the elders figure out how to use guns, however, the game turns into an all out rampage.

The best part is watching the group go from disapproval, to enthusiastic participants wrecking havoc and mayhem on the in-game city of Los Santos. At the end, their reactions are mixed. Some admitted the violence was a fun release—it’s just a game, while others maintained that they disapproved the glorification of violence.

Check out the shenanigans in the video above.