‘Granny Ripper’ Now Revealed as a Cannibal, More Victims Discovered

In just the past few days, Russian police and investigators are in shock about new revelations in the “Granny Ripper” murders. The 68-year-old pensioner Tamara Samsonova was arrested after the woman she cared for was found, dismembered and headless, just over a week ago. Samsonova has since been held in Russia’s second city after CCTV footage emerged, allegedly showing her carrying the body parts of the elderly woman in a black plastic bag.

Once Samsonova was brought in by police, she admitted to beheading and chopping up at least ten victims during a 20-year killing spree. But now that the authorities are probing her diary entries, they fear that number of victims is far greater than they initially assumed — about double, to be exact. Also, it turns out that part of the grisly details of these entries involves cannibalism. Apparently, Samsonova had a taste for the human lungs of her victims.

At a court hearing in St. Petersburg last week, Samsonova told a judge: “I am guilty and I deserve to be punished” before blowing a kiss to assembled court reporters. After being told she’d be remanded in custody, she clapped her hands and smiled.

Another new detail that’s recently emerged is that Samsonova gave her final victim, Valentina Ulanova, 79, an overdose of sleeping pills before dismembering her body with a hacksaw while she was still alive. Samsonova killed her after an argument about unwashed cups, she told police investigating the murder.

Russian authorities are still pouring over her diary entries to see if they fit with any unsolved murders in the area.

A source from the investigation told reporters: “She’s either much more stupid, or much smarter, than she seems.”

For more details about this case and the murderer, click on the article below, which goes into more detail about the murders when they were newly discovered.

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