They Think He’s A Little Baby, But This Boy Has Changed Millions Of Lives!

Though Grant and his one-year-old brother are the same height, he gets very upset when people mistake them for twins. He hates it when people refer to him as a ‘baby’ and talk to him as though he doesn’t understand… the reason? He is actually a very smart and articulate six-year-old.

Photo: Mr.Grant/Facebook

Grant was born with diastrophic dysplasia, a form of dwarfism. Though this has of course put many obstacles in his way, he has a very positive attitude that has seen him able to overcome all of the challenges he faces on a daily basis.

Grant says that he loves to prove people’s misconceptions about his condition wrong. He is, after all, just like any other boy his age; he loves to run about, dance, read, climb and play games. He says: “Some people think I can’t do things just because I’m small. There are some things that are hard for me, but I can get creative and do it. I can do anything.”

Photo: Mr. Grant/Facebook

Grant’s mum decided to make a short documentary about him, in order to share his incredibly positive and heartwarming message with others.

One of the hardest moments in the film is when Grant falls down; something that he says upsets him as he “falls more easily than everyone else”. But, in the youngster’s trademark spunky style he doesn’t bother waiting for someone to help him up, instead using all his might to pull himself back up.

Now the short video has gone viral, and Grant’s infectious lust for life and loving nature has been an inspiration for millions of others. In one particularly moving clip he explains:

“No matter what troubles there are in the world we’ll be happy as long as there’s love. What if people look different than you, should you still love them? Yes, you should. Because everyone is just a living person. It doesn’t matter whether you’re short or tall, or black or white, or whether you can walk or are in a wheelchair. We’re all just people doing our very best.”

Photo: Mr. Grant/Facebook

He explains that he hopes the video will inspire people to end their prejudices and misconceptions towards people like him. He explains: “If you see someone little like me you’ll realize they’re just people like everyone.”

With such a passionate and loving attitude we’re sure Grant is headed for big things and will make even more of a mark on the world. In the meantime, he is just hoping that people will stop treating him like a little baby and take them time to realize the person he really is.

All images courtesy of Mr.Grant/Facebook