Metal Grate Collapses at Concert, 16 Fall 60 Feet to Their Deaths

Sixteen concertgoers fell to their deaths on Friday after a metal ventilation grate they were standing on collapsed under their weight. Eleven others were seriously injured in the incident, which occurred at an outdoor pop concert near Seoul, South Korea.

Photos released of the metal grate in Seongnam show the deep concrete shaft under the metal grate, three to four meters wide, some 60 feet deep.

One man associated with planning the concert was found dead the next morning of an apparent suicide.

Anonymous fire officials told Fox News that the deceased were standing on the ventilation shaft during an outdoor concert by the popular Asian girls’ group 4Minute. About 700 people attended the performance, which was part of a local festival.

The deceased were reportedly mostly commuters who had stopped to watch the concert on their way home from work. Most, the fire officials said, were men in their 30s and 40s, as well as five women in their 20s and 30s.

A video recorded immediately following the grate’s collapse shows the band continuing to perform for some time, as both they and most of the crowd remained unaware of the incident. The collapse left dozens of people nearby staring into the abyss where the victims had just been standing.