Guy Escapes Great White Shark Attack, Films the Whole Thing on His GoPro

What started out as an amusing jump off of a rock in Australia’s Sydney Harbour, turned into a very bloodcurdling experience for this guy.

Sydney’s waterways are prime hunting grounds for these predators. Luckily, the great white shark was just curious and not looking for a meal.

The shark he came face-to-face with did not attack, and the daredevil was able to scramble up onto some nearby rocks after violently treading water and letting out a few underwater screams.

During the frightening encounter, he must have thought to himself, “This is the end.”

It safe to say that he probably won’t be making that jump, again! But he will have the footage he captured on his GoPro if he ever wanted to relive the terrifying encounter.

The man who uploaded the video, Terry Tufferson, says that it was a “close call.”

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