Great White Shark Attacks Swimmer While Onlookers Make Fun of Him

Over the weekend, a 50-year-old long-distance swimmer was attacked by a great white shark near Manhattan Beach Pier in Southern California.

The victim, Steven Robles, is currently recovering from the injuries he sustained after the shark bit his hand and torso.

steven roblesWitnesses of the attack told reporters that things turned ugly after a few reckless fishermen posted on top of the pier tried to reel in the shark. Apparently, the shark became distressed during the ordeal and responded by biting Robles, who was located about 300 yards from the shoreline with a group of other swimmers.

The video footage above shows onlookers mocking the victim from the pier as he struggled to free himself from the shark.

“Did you hear him screaming?” one of them says in the video.

“Yeah!” another responds as everyone in the background can be heard laughing.

“No he didn’t get bit,” someone else says. “He shit his pants right now.”

Luckily, Robles was able to get away and was dragged out of the water by a few others.

“At that point, when I felt that crunch going right into my chest — that was it. I thought, ‘Oh, my God,’” Robles told local news network KTLA. “I grabbed his nose … and started pushing him, trying to pry him off of my chest. He released himself and swam away immediately. I never saw him again.”

According to NBC, the victim said he plans to swim again at Manhattan Beach despite the incident.

Watch the great white shark attack video above.