Fist Bumping, Nose Rubbing, and 13 Other Weird Ways People Say ‘Hello’ Around the World

If you ever find yourself in Tibet and a monk sticks his tongue out at you, don’t be offended. He’s just saying hi, and likely expects you to stick your tongue out at him too.

Similarly, if you see someone touching an elder’s feet in India upon meeting, it’s not because that person has lost balance. That’s a way to show a respect as you greet an elder in that country.

Saying hello isn’t as simple as waving your hand at someone all around the world. Instead, different cultures and places have developed their own way to convey a kind hi to their colleagues, friends, family members and more. Below are some that seem the most odd. Yes, Americans and their fist bumping is included — because to those people sticking their tongues out at each other, we’re the weird ones.

Check it out.