Bravo Star Died in Superman Stunt Trying to Outrun Train

Reports have surfaced about the Greg Plitt death incident from this past weekend. The fitness instructor and BRAVO TV reality star evidently did not die while stumbling on a railroad track Saturday in Los Angeles. Instead, he was struck by a train after trying to outrun it — much like images of Superman from old TV shows and comic books.

And the reason? It’s suspected he was shooting a commercial for an energy drink, or as an audition video for that product.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ:

…they have reviewed video of the accident and it shows Plitt standing on the tracks as the train barrels toward him. Shortly before the train reaches Plitt he assumes a runners stance and bolts down the track.

The video shows the train closes in on Plitt as he races at breakneck speed, but he loses the battle and the train “clips” him … throwing him off the track to his death. It happens quickly and after getting struck he disappears from the video.

Two men were videotaping 37-year-old man on the tracks north of the Burbank train station Saturday afternoon when he was hit by a Metrolink passenger train. Early on investigators ruled out a suicide, and according to NPR station KPCC, “were trying to determine who directed the men to film in a restricted area of the tracks. They have interviewed witnesses who saw Plitt standing on the track even as the train’s horn was blaring, Meadow said.”

Now law enforcement tells TMZ they interviewed someone involved with the shoot who said Plitt was “trying to make the point that the energy drink makes you like Superman … able to outrun a speeding train.”