Grey or Blue and Red? The Color of These Pills Have People Arguing — But What Do You See?

Not too long ago people all over social media were in a mega-debate. The color of a dress had perfectly intelligent folks arguing up a storm. Was it white and gold or was it black and blue? No one could ever quite win the debate, as the truth appeared to be relative.

And now, the following picture is causing young and old to debate like crazy people.

pills blue grey red

Some see gray pills on both sides and others see a blue pill on the yellow hand and a red pill on the blue one.

To settle this dispute, BuzzFeed ran a poll and the results are in:

pill color buzzfeed poll

To be honest, I first saw the pills as grey. It took me really concentrating to see the pills as red and blue. Once the colors switched in my mind’s eye, I couldn’t visualize them as grey.

What do you see? We’d love to know – vote in this poll!

People all over social media are arguing over these silly pills? Are they grey or are they red and blue? We look f… in First to Know’s Polls on LockerDome