Grieving Bride Has Son Pose in Wedding Photo 5 Months After His Death in the Most Amazing Way

Anna Bozman suffered devastating heartbreak when she lost her oldest son to leukemia. The Atlanta mother’s child, Lake, was just a few weeks shy of his ninth birthday, and only five weeks away from Bozman’s wedding to her longtime boyfriend.

When it came time to commemorate her special day with family photographs, Bozman knew that she needed to find a special way to incorporate her son in the portraits as well.

So that’s exactly what she did. Bozman and her now-husband Travis Thompson worked with photographer Brandy Angel to make sure that Lake was posing right there with the rest of the family—including Bozman.s other son and daughter.

Son in wedding photo after his death

Angel used a picture of Lake—taken before he passed—and superimposed him next to his mother and siblings.

His ghost-like likeness depicts him with his hands in his pockets, showing him there with his family in spirit.

The touching tribute has gone viral online, moving people to share condolences and their own grief in losing a child.

Bozman herself shared the image on Facebook along with some touching words:

“Somehow I have managed to continue going but there have been many days that I did not think I could. I have honestly been making it minute to minute as grief is a huge roller coaster. My little ones have been a huge motivation but my main source of motivation is the promise that through Christ I WILL see my son again and live an eternal life.”