Grieving Woman Raises a Plastic Doll as Her Own Daughter

At the age of 16 Natalie had lost her baby after tragically having a stillbirth, today her and her partner KJ are both raising another little girl named Lexi-May. However, things take an interesting turn because Lexi-May is a doll and not a real baby.

According to the Mirror, Natalie bought the life-like doll to help cope with her loss, but now things have changed. She regularly sets her alarm for every two hours in the middle of the night to wake up and take care of her baby.

The couple appeared on the Jeremy Kyle show where they spoke about bringing up their little girl.  Their doll was made through the Reborn website which allows parents to send in photos of their babies who may have past, and the site will then create a custom look-a-like doll.

Aside from coping with their loss Natalie’s partner KJ is also transition into becoming a male.