Groom, 6 Guests Arrested After Drunken Brawl at Pennsylvania Wedding

You may have attended a crazy wedding in the past. Perhaps the mother-of-the-bride drank too much, someone caught on fire, or the wedding cake got knocked over. Those things happen.

What doesn’t usually happen? A groom and six of his wedding guests get arrested after a drunken brawl breaks out during the reception.

The groom is 31-year-old Nicholas Papoutsis. He and his wife (who wasn’t named in the original article) had their reception in Pennsylvania’s Ontelaunee Township Saturday. Here’s the brilliant recap, courtesy of the New York Daily News:

The wedding night fight at the Blue Falls Grove venue started when a guest noticed that the 14-year-old was drunk. The woman scolded the boy’s mom for letting the teen guzzle beer at the reception.

“The mother responded with a punch to that woman’s face,” [Northern Berks Regional Police Chief Scott] Eaken said.

As the two women started to brawl, a third wedding guest tried to break up the fight — but the dueling women punched him and broke his glasses, police said.

By the time cops arrived, there were drunken “fights everywhere,” Eaken said.

“We went there with the intent of telling everyone to leave and go home, but that unfortunately didn’t happen,” Eaken said.

Instead, the groom challenged the cops to a duel.

Sober heads did not prevail, because the officer called for back up, leading officers from the Fleetwood, Hamburg, Wyomissing,Bern, Spring, Tilden, Muhlenberg and Penn State Berks police departments to show up. So did two Reading police K-9 units. The Berks County sheriff’s office even sent a prisoner transport vehicle. Clearly law enforcement either thought this fight was on the level of a terrorist attack, or there wasn’t much going on that evening. Who can say? 

Before that backup arrived, a guest forcibly blocked the cops from entering the banquet hall. That’s when things get even crazier. The Reading Eagle reports:

The man, Brian R. Pelker, 46, of the 400 block of Hill Road, South Heidelberg Township, refused to get out of the way, yelled at officers and took on a fighting stance. After warning him to get out of the way. Barrow used a stun gun on him to no effect. He tried to use the stun gun again but Pelker only got more aggressive, so Barrow took him down with a baton.

Once on the ground, Pelker struggled with officers and grabbed one of them in the crotch before he was subdued.

Yes, that’s right, Pelker punched an officer’s pecker.

In the end, six people were arrested, including Papoutsis. Four officers were hospitalized for injuries, while the bride and that 14-year-old were also hospitalized for alcohol poisoning.

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