13 Most Disturbing Things People Have Ever Found in Their Food

What surprises lurk in the food we consume?

The Food and Drug Administration may do their best to ensure you’re not consuming anything that will kill you, however, all kinds of nasty things somehow end up in processed foods that you wouldn’t necessarily want to put in your mouth.

While compiling this post, we began wondering how many sickening items, fluids and anonymous animals we have unintentionally eaten while trying to feed our bellies. On second thought, it’s probably best that those things remain unknown.

Could you imagine going in to take your last bite of a juicy hamburger only to realize that you’ve been munching on a dead mouse? Don’t worry, we can’t either.

Check out the slideshow above forĀ 13 of the most disturbing items ever found in food. The photos might make you lose your appetite, but they’ll also remind you to think while you eat. You’re welcome.