Watch: Giant Gummy Bear Dipped in Liquid Nitrogen Gets Blown Up with a 12-Gauge Shotgun

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the “World’s Largest Gummy Bear” met a shotgun? How about if that gummy bear was doused in liquid nitrogen first? Spoiler alert: the result is satisfyingly cathartic for those with any destructive tendencies.

Honestly, this seems like a great way to put one of those cartoonish-ly huge gummy bears to good use—does anyone actually try to eat one of those things? Yeah, we didn’t think so.

After all, it’s endless fun to watch things get blown-up, particularly when it involves a combination of science and heavy fire-power. There  is a thrill from watching the destruction of objects as they explode into fragments or ripped apart—it all depends on the object and the method of destruction—and thanks to the internet there are tons of these types of videos to peruse.

Check out what happens to the gummy bear in the video above.