WATCH: Gunman Fails Car Jacking on Freeway

News agency SkyNews captured a spectacular police chase on a busy motorway that has stunned people from across the globe.

Two men led police on a 93-mile chase from Brisbane through to New South Wales in Australia. Queensland Police were able to stop their blue Mitsubishi Lancer with road spikes, but the two shirtless men were unwilling to surrender. One fired his semi-automatic handgun at police, and the two lept from their vehicle and began running into oncoming traffic.

The gunman, who was identified as 32 years old, fired at one of the cars, presumably in an attempt to take it from the driver. This car lurched to a sudden halt, causing a second car to crash into it and send the first driver’s belongings across the Pacific Motorway.

The gunman then continued running and attempted another carjacking, pointing his weapon at another oncoming car, but this vehicle hit the gunman and sent him flying. Now without his gun, the man attempted to flee once more, but the police were able to capture him. His accomplice, only identified as a 20-year-old man, was also arrested.

No innocents were harmed during the harrowing incident.

The men have been charged with intent to murder, discharging a firearm to avoid arrest, attempted car-jacking and Skye’s law.

According to news reports, “Skye’s law is aimed at greater punishment for people who lead police on dangerous high-speed chases and is named after 19-month-old Skye Sassine, who was killed when two alleged thieves crashed into her parents’ car in Sydney.”