Guy Attaches Parachute to Piercings in Back and Jumps Off Cliff (VIDEO)

Warning: The footage in this video is extremely graphic.

We have absolutely no idea why anyone in their right mind would think this was a good idea. But Josh Miramit just totally blew our minds.

Tired of basic base jumping stunts, he decided to take the sport to the next level by attaching a parachute directly into his flesh.

A fearless daredevil basejumps from a 377 ft cliff with a parachute pierced into his flesh. Filmed in Ton Sai, Thailand, this gruesome footage shows adrenaline junkie Josh Miramant performing a suspension jump – where metal canopy hooks are inserted into the skin. San Francisco resident Josh had only started basejumping three weeks before the incredible stunt and had completed 21 jumps in that short time. The Maine born rock climber first discovered the remote beach peninsula of Ton Sai while backpacking through South East Asia nearly a decade ago and returned for a fourth time to perform this ultimate leap of faith.

Who even knew that this was possible without the parachute tearing out of his skin?

The video above is a little difficult to watch, but still strangely awesome.