WATCH: Guy Busts in on Cheating Girlfriend in Bed with Another Guy

“I’m walking up to my girlfriend’s apartment right now. Her roommate called and said that she had a guy over last night and they’re sleeping in her bed together.” This is how the video begins and it only gets better.

So, this guy is tipped off to the fact that his girlfriend is cheating, and he doesn’t seem to waste any time documenting. Hey, if you get screwed over, you may as well make the whole mess go viral! Add an ad in the beginning and make buckets of money off your pain. Why not?

And that’s exactly what has happened here after a guy busts cheating girlfriend.

To be honest, the first time we saw the footage, we thought the pair in bed together were dead. They didn’t even flinch as the boyfriend exploded into the room. And it takes a few minutes before the viewer sees any limbs move at all — hands, to be exact, coming down on the busted girlfriend’s forehead when she realizes she’s busted.

Oh, man, she’s having a terrible day so the forehead slap is understood, but the fact that she says nothing is the creepiest part of the video.