Guy Cuts Off His Privates After Girlfriend Dumps Him

According to the Metro, a 22-year-old man from Macedonia cut off his penis after being dumped by his girlfriend.

She claimed that Oliver Ilic was a horrible lover in bed, causing him to self-mutilate with a razor blade and throw his privates into a waste bin.

When doctors questioned him about the incident, Ilic told them his small penis was to blame.

He initially was going to endure the pain and loss all on his own, that is until he began bleeding uncontrollably and dialed emergency services for help.

Upon inspection of his house, police located the severed member and the razor blade.

Ilic was transferred to the Macedonian capital of Skopje to undergo a five-hour surgery to have his penis re-attached.

In spite of this, doctors explained that they aren’t sure if the operation would allow it to function normally.