Guy with Dyslexia Builds Rally Car from Scratch

Alex Kelsey, a 21-year-old from Coromandel, New Zealand, has done what many car enthusiasts will only dream of, and what even exotic car makers can’t seem to pull off.

He built a rally car entirely from scratch, one that has been said to put the majority of production cars to shame (capable of accelerating from 0-125 miles per hour in only seven seconds).

Not only that, the Peugeot-bodied vehicle got a little extra love in the process — bulletproof wheel arches and a 3.5-liter Formula Renault V6.

Building a rally car is not an easy task, but Kelsey, who is dyslexic and says he “barely” made his way through school, was able to construct the car in 18 months.

Now that the Kelsey Racing MC2 (that’s Mad Creation 2) is done being built, it will make its debut at Rally Hawke’s Bay, the third leg of Rally NZ.

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