Guy Eats 100 Burritos for 100 Days to Support Frat Brother with Cancer

Raising awareness by eating burritos? Well, that’s a first!

When 22-year-old Joe Gallo found out his fraternity brother, Bret Grund was diagnosed with stage IV glioma he set out to help in any way he could.

To offset some of the costs of Bret’s medical bills Gallo set up a unique campaign, in which he ate a Chipotle burrito a day for 100 days.

Joe would post a video of his last bite on social media every day, with the hashtag #100daysforgrundfund. hosted a fundraiser for Grund to celebrate the end of the 100 days and raise additional funds.

Surrounded by family, fraternity brothers, and after receiving a special video message, Joe finished the last burrito like a champ,” according to the site.
A set up for Grund for his medical expenses shows that a little over $3,000 has been raised out of the $10,000 asked.

On average a Chipotle burrito costs around $8 with tax, which means 100 burritos would cost around $800. We speculate that money could have gone towards the cancer fund, but we understand it was mostly intended to raise awareness about the issue, and he’s certainly done that.

Watch the YouTube video above to see Gallo’s documented burrito journey.