Guy Finds Out What It’s Like to Smoke a 65-Year-Old Cigarette from Korean War Army Ration (VIDEO)

During the Korean War, troops were given C-rations, which usually included bread, canned meals, crackers, chewing gum, coffee, and cigarettes. Cigarettes were given to soldiers until 1975 as a way for them to escape the stress of combat and to kill time.

In the video above, Steve1989 from MREInfo finds out what it’s like to smoke a 65-year-old unfiltered Chesterfield cigarette. After more than six decades, you’d think that the cigarettes would be stale. But apparently, it tastes just as fresh as it would have back in 1951.

While taking drags of the cigarette, he keeps mentioning that he is “glad he’s sitting down” because the nicotine buzz was incredibly strong.