Guy Gets Electrocuted While Singing Bruno Mars in a Tree

Guy Gets Electrocuted Singing Bruno Mars

It’s not often that a guy gets electrocuted while singing, but when that same guy climbs a tree with a broom — which he uses as both a dancing prop and a faux microphone — and decides to wave it around next to live electrical lines… well… he kind of wins our “Idiot of the Week” award.

Don’t worry folks, he lives.

The man in denim hot pants is Lucas Alves and he is damn committed to serving you Bruno Mars’ hit “The Lazy Song” with a passion that one should deliver when there’s a possibility of dying from electric shock later in the day. Which there was when he recorded this video.

While we couldn’t find any interviews with the young man, Alves seems to have aspirations for bigger things. He posts a lot of photos and videos, and they all play with gender identity, music and photography.┬áHe has his own YouTube channel, and Google translates the “About” page as saying: “Lucas Alves bixa Web Celebrity, that records videos to YouTube causing controversy and confusion with the enemy.”

That could change. Though the video first appeared on Live Leak at the end of 2014 and got some circulation then, it’s started making the rounds pretty heavily on Facebook now. Perhaps Lucas will be the next viral video sensation.