Topless Guy Gets Shot with a Taser Gun in Extreme Slow Motion

Taser guns are intimidating weapons. They can be used in self-defense, but more commonly they are associated with police as they try to take down a suspect who is resisting or poses a threat. They are intended to incapacitate someone without causing permanent damage.

The Slow Mo Guys are a group of dudes whose Youtube Channel is meant to “take on the world in Slow Motion.” Their videos show everything from a water balloon popping to a man getting slapped, using ultra-high-speed cinema cameras to capture the moment in super slow motion.

For this video, they decided to show what it looks like to get tased.  After all, when a taser gun is deployed it only takes the blink of an eye. It’s hard to see exactly what happens.

One brave volunteer, Dan Hafen, gets tased on his bare back in this video.

They had to film it at 28,500 frames per second in order to fully capture the moment he got tased. For reference, a normal speed film is usually shot in 24 frames per second.

If you look closely in the video, when the trigger is pulled, a burst of confetti explodes out of the front of the gun. I wish it was just for a fun party effect, but it has a significant purpose. The confetti bombs are actually tiny little identification tags that tracks which taser was used. It’s like a thumbprint can identify a person, the confetti can help identify which taser was used.

This is so cops, or anyone else that gets their hand on one of these bad boys, can’t just start electrocuting people left and right.

Watch the video above to see how a human’s bare body reacts when shot with 50,000 volts.