Guy High on God-Only-Knows-What Completely Freaks Out in Apartment Lobby. Then He Told the Cops This…

In the video below, you’ll see a guy completely freak out in an apartment lobby while employees and tenants hide behind a glass wall in the leasing office.

Although he appears to be high on some kind of substance, we couldn’t find any context for the video — what city it was filmed in, who the heck this guy was, or what he ended up being charged with after the crazy incident.

He started taking off his clothes during the meltdown, but thankfully, the police arrived to take control of the situation before he got to his pants.

Surprisingly enough, once the police showed up things went really smoothly, though we couldn’t believe what he told them while being cuffed. Watch the video below.

There has to be a rational reason for someone to act like that, right?