Guy High on Meth Can’t Stop Telling Lies to Police (VIDEO)

Folks, this is a perfect example of why you shouldn’t lie, or do drugs.

This clip, from an old episode of Cops, has been making the rounds lately. And it’s pretty clear to see why.

The guy featured in the video gets caught with a bag of meth on his lap and then attempts to lie his way out of how the drugs got there. It must really suck to wake up with a bag of drugs on your lap.

As the camera rolls, his lies only get more and more ridiculous.

He also claims he doesn’t have his wallet when police ask him for identification, even though it’s right next to him.

When cops ask him why his heart is beating so fast, he tells them that it must have been the weed or Monster energy drink that he consumed.

The most amusing part of the arrest is when cops go through his phone and see that he was trying to meet up with a prostitute, telling her that he had “snow and weed.” That’s when he tried to explain that someone else must have used his phone to text her.

This guy has countless stories, none of which seem to add up.