This Guy Launched a Kickstarter Campaign to Buy Himself Burritos

The fundraising platform Kickstarter has helped many people and organizations raise money for ambitious, lofty goals and big, meaningful projects.

But all Noboru Bitoy wanted was enough money to buy a Chipotle burrito. The graphic design student launched a Kickstarter campaign to fundraise money to buy a burrito, with a goal of raising $8. Within 24 hours, he had raised 400% that amount, thanks to contributors who wanted to help him realize his goal.

As donations came pouring in, he updated his original goal of creating what he calls a “Deliciousness Graphic” to included details on how Chipotle burritos taste under various conditions.

He detailed them as follows:

For $50, he pledges to consume four chicken burritos, one prepared fresh, and the others stored away and eaten on the following consecutive days as a “test to truly see how the burrito flavor is changed when it is a leftover meal.”

For $175, he plans to consume 24 variations of the chicken burrito, each with different ingredients and salsa types.

And as his last goal, he wants to find out how delicious a Chipotle burrito would taste if he consumed it
“plummeting from the heavens.” In other words, for $500 pledged, he will eat a burrito while skydiving.

What started off as a simple wish has turned into something that may very well make burrito-consumption history.

To learn more about the campaign and see how it’s doing, check out his Kickstarter campaign here.