Guy Makes Unforgettable Discovery While Exploring Abandoned House (PHOTOS)

These days, it’s rare to stumble across an abandoned house that hasn’t already been explored, looted or vandalized. It’s even more rare to find anything of real value hiding inside.

However, one explorer, who goes by the alias Freaktography, recently came across a home and made an unforgettable discovery. He calls this place the Abandoned House of Treasures.

Below are some excerpts highlighting his discovery.

I knew this house was special from the many antiques and artifacts that were found throughout…

What I did not know, and what my friend didn’t know was that there was a secret buried somewhere in this house. A secret that had been hidden for possibly 30 years.

I’m told the woman eventually died here. My friend who had discovered this home had been able to locate a deep history of this home and the family who lived here, but For privacy and ethical reasons I will not be sharing any of that story on this public forum, but let it be known, it’s a very tragic story.

Found behind the mattress was nearly$6,800 in cash– old smelly US and Canadian money, tightly rolled. Most of it was bundled up in little elastics marked in pencil with dates and amounts throughout the mid 1960s to the 1970s.

Of course, he handed over the money to the homeowner’s granddaughter, who was beyond grateful.

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