Guy Pays $1800 for 1 hour in Hospital


Insurance can be a tricky subject for those who are not part of the industry due to the various clauses that make up the agreement between the parties involved. The main point of getting insurance is the provision of a safety net should one find themselves in a precarious situation with regard to sudden financial demands. As the old adage goes, it is better to be safe than sorry and as such an individual can see the sense in ensuring that they are able to deal with any money problems that they may encounter as a result of unforeseen circumstances that could potentially take place in their  day to day activities. Medical insurance is one of the more popular types of coverage provided and it is designed to ease the burden on a person’s pocket should they suffer any health related problems.

This was not the case however for one unlucky Reddit poster who found himself stuck with a bill amounting to a cool $1800 after spending one measly hour in hospital. Like most people who have medical coverage, the man in question figured that he was financially set to deal with any bill that may come his way and monetary hassles were the last thing on his mind as he visited the doctor to get himself checked out. As a matter of fact, he thought himself lucky as the need for a visit to the hospital occurred just two weeks after he had landed a job that provided medical cover as one of its perks.


Image source: Reddit user koolllG_uy1911


Follow-up visits to the doctor proved to be stress-free as he underwent the various tests and treatments and he was even able to get the needed medication required to solve the hiccup in his health. Going through the standard processes of using his insurance to help out with what would otherwise be eye-watering charges, it seemed like it would be smooth sailing all the way and he would be back to his best in no time at all. The initial visit to the doctor however, which believe it or not, was due to a kidney stone that had him bedridden for a mere hour was not approved and this left him with an astounding $1800 in medical fees that he was expected to cough up.


Image source: Reddit user koolllG_uy1911


This was despite the fact that as mentioned earlier, other medical charges had been approved by the insurance company. It should be noted that the fees approved were significantly lower than the bill that was rejected. To make matters worse, over $500 of the charges that he was expected to stump up could not be traced by the individual. In other words, he did not know why he was expected to pay that $500 and what those charges were for. It would seem that this part of the bill could be described as anonymous in nature.

Such situations unfortunately are not uncommon for those who have dealt with medical coverage. Hopefully a solution can be found to these anomalies that rear their ugly heads when hardworking citizens are trying to obtain medical services.