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This Guy Sent His Date A PowerPoint Presentation… & Got Dumped


PowerPoint and romance apparently don’t mix, which is something one hopeful dater from London found out after getting dumped by a guy he was meant to be meeting up with for a date.

When asked what he wanted to do, he responded with a detailed PowerPoint about the potential fun dates they could go on together. They didn’t see the funny side though and blocked him without an explanation.

Taking his failed attempt at Microsoft inspired love to Twitter, “Ben” wrote: “A guy asked me on a date today & said “any suggestions where to go?”.

“Because I’m a full time weirdo I sent him a PowerPoint of ideas.”

When asked how it went, Ben replied: “He blocked me.” He then admitted he didn’t even know you could block people on WhatsApp.

His potential date’s loss was the internet’s gain as, despite getting rejected on the dating app, he decided the plan was good enough to share on Twitter, where he shared images from the slideshow of different date options, including a late night visit to the John Soane Museum.

Another option was “the artsy maze by the Millenium Dome”. (sic) Ben included Pro and Con lists for each options, and for option 2 the fact that he went to see Celine Dion at the nearby O2 was seen as a good thing as it would “bring back good memories”.

Clearly keen on this date option, he tweeted: “If anyone does want to come to the maze at the millenium dome with me please let me know.”(sic)

The final suggestion was to Junkyard Golf, a golf course in trendy East London, which he said would give him a chance to “show off” his gold skills, but admitted that it would be full of “wa******”.

While his potential soulmate brutally shut Ben down by blocking him, the internet loved the approach. He even got an offer from the O2 for tickets to a night out, he just had to find someone to go with.

Ben Admitted he isn’t too upset at the snub and thinks they probably did him a favor.

And it looks like he might actually get a date.

PowerPoint wins again.

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