Dumbass Shuts Down Entire Freeway to Propose to His Girlfriend (VIDEO)

On Sunday, Vidal Valladares, 24, proposed to his girlfriend, Michelle Wycoff, 23, by closing down the busiest freeway in Houston, Texas.

“There were about 8 cars with me and we just lined up — 4 and 4 — and we just stopped,” Valladares told KTRK. “I told my girl we were going to a white and black party. She was getting ready so I told her to go get her nails done, too.”

Valladares thought nothing of completely stopping the Gulf Freeway to propose. According to the Chron, the event halted traffic for “about 35 seconds,” while he got down on one knee and asked Wycoff to be his wife.

Of all places, he thought that a freeway proposal would be the most romantic.


We’re sure everyone in traffic behind them was hoping she’d say no.

“I never really thought about causing an accident,” Valladares said. “I thought about my girlfriend.”

Harries County District Clerk records report that he just got divorced in June after enduring a two-year marriage, though those records did not specify how he proposed to her.