Guy Smashes Up His Own Brand New Car with an Axe for the Most Bizarre Reason Ever

You know those times when nothing seems to go right, even when you try and try to change things for the better?

Yeah, we’re thinking this guy was probably experiencing a little of that angst when he decided to smash up his brand new Fiat.

Spartaco Capon was fed up with the unreliable public transportation system in his hometown of Lissone, Italy and decided to buy himself a car in order to prevent getting into more trouble with his boss for his tardiness.

He bought himself a Fiat 500 and was probably thinking his days of running late were behind him. But then the car wouldn’t turn on in the very first week of him having it.

Capon decided he had about had it with being let down and so he took out all his anger at the vehicle by smashing every panel on the car and hitting it repeatedly with an axe.

When police arrived at the scene, after being called by neighbors who thought Capon was going at it on someone else’s car, they were confounded.

Spokesman Anastasio Gallo said “Normally in incidents like this it’s not people smashing up their own car, but he was able to prove it was his” adding “We think he must have been under a lot of stress at work lately and he was taken to hospital where doctors helped to calm down and are keeping him in for tests.”

Capon got a week off work to be treated in a psychiatric ward to get some relaxation, which medics explain should do wonders for him.

As for the poor Fiat? The Mirror explains it was declared as a tax write-off at a local garage.