Guy Documents His Sad Love Life by Taking Selfies Next to Happy Couples

If you think your love life is sad, take heart in knowing Drew Phillips isn’t having much luck either.

The Tumblr page, Wingmanning, features images of the man standing stoically next to random couples making out, snuggling, and basically showing tons of PDA while he gets none.

Whether it’s at a party, a concert or the beach, Drew seems to frequently run into couples everywhere he goes. It’s a constant reminder that while everyone else is loving it up, he’s all by himself.

Aww, sad day.

Okay, to be honest we’re not sure if Drew is or isn’t actually lucky in love. After all, the Wingmanning Tumblr page does have the statement “Make out in public? We’re behind you” as its slogan, so maybe this is just an attempt to make fun of people who indulge in PDA. Whatever the case, it’s fun to look through.

Check out the slideshow above for yourself and hop over to their site for more.