Guy Thinks He’s in Grand Theft Auto During High Speed Police Chase (VIDEO)

When 28-year-old Ryan Stone stole a running red SUV outside a gas station, he probably never expected such a turn of events to unfold.

In March 2014, Stone led police on a two-hour, 60 mile long chase through multiple counties in Denver, Colorado, after stealing a car with a four-year-old boy inside. After the Allen Chavarria-Rodriguez was reported kidnapped, Stone led police on quite a wild pursuit. And it was all on live television.

About 30 minutes after the chase began, the subject carjacked a minivan with two people inside. He forcefully pulled the driver out of the vehicle and the passenger exited on her own.

A little further down the road, he struck a state trooper, he ditched the minivan and stole a silver Lexus. The owner of the car tried to fight back but Stone overpowered her and sped off.

Eventually, he ended up crashing and decided to flee on foot — he didn’t get very far. Police were able to catch up to him and take him into custody.

Fortunately, the boy was not harmed during the incident.

Stone was sentenced to 160 years in prison after being found guilty of 18 of 20 counts. Prosecutors say he will be eligible for parole after 75 years.