Guy Tries to Cut Watermelon with a Sword, Learns the Hard Way It Isn’t As Easy as It Looks

This guy clearly thought he’d be a smash with is latest party trick—and he was, just not in the way he’d hoped. The man decided he’d show-off his Fruit Ninja skills in real life when he tried to slice a watermelon open using a giant sword.

Unfortunately for him, pulling this trick off in real life is way more difficult than the simple swipes on a tiny phone screen. He succeeds in creating a mess, but the watermelon remains stubbornly intact.

The video of his attempt made its way onto YouTube, and we can’t stop laughing at the results.

According to the caption the man, identified only as Ali, was completely sober when he attempted this stunt.

Don’t try this at home, and definitely don’t try to pull it off near any furniture that you actually like.