Guy Claims He Was Abducted by Aliens, Gets Hypnotized and It’s Creepier Than Hell (VIDEO)

In the video below, you’ll see a guy that claims he was abducted by aliens under hypnosis.

During this time, he seems to recall his horrifying abduction experience and alien encounters.

Is he just acting? Or did something terrifying actually happen to him in the past?

Alien life has long been a topic of debate between the scientific community’s believers and skeptics around the world. And yet, there’s some pretty damning evidence out there that suggests we aren’t the only living things taking up space in the universe.

For instance, scientists discovered what is postulated to be an alien base situated on our very own moon.

For even further proof, there’s also what seems to be an actual footage of someone getting abducted by aliens caught on camera.

abducted by aliens

There’s also lots of support for extraterrestrial life from experts in the scientific community. An Oxford professor was bold enough to claim that human-look-alike aliens are interbreeding with us in order to protect themselves from nuclear war and climate change.

Don’t worry, support for alien life existing only gets weirder from here.

We can also look at old artifacts, which can tell us more about the future than we really think. Could cracking the code to a 2,800-year-old alien cellphone be the key to finally ending this ongoing scientific mystery?

We can even go back further than that. Ancient European paintings are littered in hints and easter eggs referencing knowledge of life on other planets. But only now are we really becoming aware of it.

If all this evidence still isn’t enough for you alien doubters and skeptics, here’s some more that might change your stubborn, narrow mind.

We’ve all heard alien abduction stories before, but have you heard any convincing ones? Maybe one of actually convincing alien abduction stories might make you believe in at least something being out there.