WATCH: Miley Cyrus Calls Obsessed Fan’s Tattoos of Her ‘Ugly’ — He Takes Drastic Measures

guy with miley cyrus tattoos

Carl McCoid, 42,  has had 29 Miley Cyrus tattoos placed strategically throughout his entire body since 2010. The tattoos include everything from portraits, to lyrics, and quotes.

As revealed in the video report above, when Miley found out about the tattoos she couldn’t help but see them in the internet. Her reaction to them was less than positive. She has referred to them as ugly and creepy. Cyrus even decided to block him from her Twitter page.

McCoid says he’s seen the error in his ways and wants to have them removed. His hope is to find a long-term girlfriend, and the tattoos most likely weren’t going to do him any favors.

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