Gypsies of the Desert: Photographer Captures Secret World of the Nomadic Rashaida

Photographer Eric Lafforgue is among a few who have had to opportunity to spend time with the Rashaida in Eritrea, Africa and get a glimpse into the Nomadic tribe’s world.

Labeled as “dangerous gypsies” these feared people – who originally came from Saudi Arabia 200 years ago and can now be found in areas including Egypt, Libya and Sudan – have a reputation of being smugglers and hostage takers.

But when Lafforgue spent time with them, he was able to capture a different side: The colorful, vibrant and breathtaking beauty of this tribe will ignite your imagination.

Their simplistic way of living in tents with little to no electricity or water and very sparse use of any modern technology belies their incredible wealth, which they accrue through the selling of camels to sheikhs for as much as $27,000 each.

Check out Lafforgue’s amazing portraits above and to learn more about the tribe’s culture and see more of his photos, head over to Mail Online.