HADOKEN-ing: the Latest Meme Craze in Japan

The Japanese are always reminding us that they are one-step ahead of the game.

First it’s their technology, then their strange toys and now – Hadoken meme.

The new craze called Hadoken — or Hadoken-ing if it’s a verb — actually started taking over the Pacific a year ago, and it’s been growing ever since.

As one of the most iconic attacks in the video game Street Fighter — although most people are saying it’s from the anime series Dragon Ball Z — a hadoken (“Surge Fist” or “Wave Motion Fist”) is a special attack that is often referred to as a “fireball” because of its appearance. It can even be used while in midair. The willpower of a fighter is channeled into the palm of their hands and as they thrust them outwards toward their target, a surging wave of energy is pushed out, which leaves their opponent immobilized.

So with the help of technology, people are creating images of themselves reenacting this epic fight moment. And people are loving it. There are photos and YouTube videos all over now. It may be better than the Harlem Shake, planking, owling, or even more fascinating than grumpy cat.

More fascinating than grumpy cat? No way, you say!

Now, we don’t want to jump the gun, but with all the anime and comic book fans out there we have a feel that this incredible nonsense is sure to come to the United States soon enough.

We’ve got pictures above, and one cool video below.

Hodoken from DESSAX on Vimeo.