Halloween Food: How to Make Spooky Eyeballs

Want to scare up some silliness for a Halloween party and make your food table even more thrilling? (Forgive us, we couldn’t resist…) How about using this spooky eyeballs recipe? These eyes are edible, 100% vegan, and super easy to make — perfect in a salad or fruit display.

Once again, they come from our friend Daniel Ehlers at EhlersTV on YouTube. All you need are red radishes, blueberries, and a small pairing knife. In the video, Ehlers says you can use grapes as well, and in theory that is possible, but the grapes in our grocery right now are really big so we’re not sure how well those would turn out. You could also use plump dark raisins, or any food item that would work for a frightfully fun pupil. (Got suggestions? Leave them in the comments below!)

Because there is knife work involved, you’ll either want to do the cutting yourself and leave the assembling to your kids, or just keep close watch to make sure no thumbs get cut. Check it out above.

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