Handcuffed Man Makes Dramatic Escape Attempt from Police in Texas

A video showing a handcuffed man’s dramatic escape from police custody has quickly gone viral.  An attendee at Austin’s South by Southwest music festival found himself in handcuffs on a sidewalk, and things did not look good for him.

It seems impossible that a man under arrest and surrounded by police and cameras would have any chance of getting away, but that didn’t stop this man who made a gutsy bid for freedom.

In a split second decision—that was caught on camera—the handcuffed man takes advantage of the officers’ distraction as they used a stun gun on another detained man. The instant the window of opportunity presents itself, the unidentified man leaps to his feet and runs while police have their backs turned.

His mad dash through the festival crowds was apparently short-lived.

According to a report from the Statesman, the man’s freedom was cut short and he was quickly apprehended and placed back in police custody.

The video was filmed by JR Torres, who also posted the video. Torres said that he and a friend were wandering around the festival when they saw a fight break out. By the time they started filming the police were already breaking-up the fight, and had placed three people in handcuffs.

That’s when Torres filmed the escape attempt, as one of the handcuffed men tried to flee.

The man has been charged with evading arrest. Police say they continuing to investigate the incident.

Watch the video above to see the dramatic attempt for yourself.